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wow- it's been a couple of years :)

I'm not really writing much, or any, fan fic at the moment. That might change, but I'm writing stories away from Buffy/Stargate. Finished a writing course, which was very fun. Got a job early last year, finally!

Been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I'm all interested in LOTR fanfic at the moment!

RE: Cold

Title: Cold
Author: Orangethunder
Genre: Angst
Character: Rebecca Chambers
Chronological order: set after 'Needles'.
Disclaimer: Resident Evil is owned by Capcom

Summary: Rebecca is holding out for her friends; but she starts to wonder...

ColdCollapse )


Resident Evil fanfiction

Needles: Rebecca is imprisoned and alone, and wonders whether her friends will ever find her...let alone save her.

NeedlesCollapse )


Yay! Three more userpics!

Thanks to 'herbskillz' for providing them and 'stygian_dream @ livejournal.com' for providing the other one; all due credits are noted in my journal :)


KNotB chapter 20

Hey, I've finished it!

I'm surprised, who would have thought that I'd managed to write almost 3,000 words in one sitting?

The 20th chapter should be posted on TTH soon, either today or tomorrow; have to check for typos.


I'm now a couple of hundred words into the 20th chapter of NKotB; I've planned the chapter out and so far as I can tell there's no writers' block in the foreseeable future, yay!

As for my new, very short, story, I've written 1,500 words for that; I think that I might tinker with it for a bit though...and hope it doesn't blow up in my face.

Ramblings and writing

Chapter 19 of NKotB is up and posted, it's about time too.

I've come up with another fic to write, but it'll be a very short one- and I don't think that anyone else has done it, so that's a bonus :)

Best thing is that it's not just centered around Willow, but all the characters; mostly Buffy. which is new.
Hey hey! My second userpic; Festival_Lights makes great pics!

I'm about 1,445 words into the 19th chapter of New Kids on the Block- I think the story is going to go the way I want it to...for a change ;-)

I've thought of two new stories, but I'll put them off until after I've finished chapter 19; I love new stories :-)

Watching season 2 of Stargate SG1 again, I love all the characters; which is strange because I usually only like one or two characters in a fandom- like Willow and Xander in BtVS or Hermione in Harry Potter.

I've got the entire set of Stargate SG1 on DVDs but only season one of BtVS- so my Willow characterization is probably a bit off or two-dimensional. Actually, no one's really called me up on it; so obviously I'm not doing too bad, eh?

Supernatural season 5 is coming out about a month or two, but I'm going to get it for Xmas, it's way cheaper then. I'm so excited, I never got to see that season because STUPID 'Living' stole it off 'ITV2'...I haven't GOT Living!!!

They should have left it there, not EVERYONE has that channel- I hope they lost viewers!

Ok, maybe not- cause if they lost viewers they'd be less likely to write another season...BAH!

What the heck, I'm getting the DVDs anyway :-)

Holiday in Wales

Wales is a great place to go on holiday, especially the Brecon Beacons in the south; nothing but mountains and countryside.

Well, there were a LOT of sheep!

You don't get any traffic up there, but the sheep, cows and chickens certainly make up for it, and then some, considering that we had to drive around narrow country lanes. :-)

Also, there was NO reception up there! It wasn't that bad anyway, I never really use my mobile that much.

If anyone finds themselves in the Brecon Beacons try the chocolate farm; it 13 miles from town centre- which my dad didn't actually know until we were half way there...good thing he didn't know at first :)

We should've spent more than a week there, there was tons to do once you get down from the mountains.

The residents are very nice, maybe that has to do with the fact that there's no overcrowding there.

Of course there is one couple who will remain unmentioned, lets just say that I hope they spent a LOOONNG time looking for those cows of theirs.


British Weather...books...fic rambles

It's June...June!... Where's the sun? *sobs*

Seriously, if there's anyone abroad who wants to come to England just make sure you grab an umbrella...even if it's supposed to be the *summer* holidays.

Has anyone read the Gone series? Man, it's depressing...very well written, but depressing. Michael Grant's a pretty good author, Stephen King liked the books and that was good enough for me :)

I've put the 3rd part of NKotB on my LJ; it's definitely better than the last version, have to start on part 4 pretty soon :)

*Points to last tag* What did I say? Inane ;-)